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The Solos Network rallies, held twice a year, are a week long and filled with fun, friendship and frivolity. They are attended by members from all over Australia and are usually held in the show grounds or rodeo grounds of small country towns. Our plan is for the town to benefit from our input—  both socially and financially and they have always been a huge success.  Our rallies are a highlight of our life as Solos– it is wonderful to  catch up with old friends as well as building networks and establishing friendships with new Solos.

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If you love sitting around a camp fire in a bush setting, cooking damper and hearty meals on the coals, and hanging out with your Solos mates in a relaxed environment, then a Solos bush camp will certainly appeal.

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Bush camps are usually held between our two rallies, providing a more relaxed opportunity for Solos to get together. They usually run for 5-6 days in a bush setting with minimum facilities. Vehicles need to be self-contained with enough capacity to cover the period of the camp.

A Camp Manager is appointed to organise each camp, promote it to members and take registrations. They gather information about resources in the area, local attractions and tours, and put together a program of activities that people might want to join
but if you're happy to just sit around the fire that's fine too.


We are in a position now, to provide planning information into the future – something that has never been achieved before. This will allow members to make plans for their travel well into 2022.

These plans, however, are still subject to COVID-19 regulations, which may not allow us to bring these events to fruition. We must be prepared for adjustments to this schedule if necessary.

Victoria:  Cohuna (Spring) 1st to 8th November 2021.
Planning for our 2021 Spring Rally is moving along well and the town is very excited to welcome us back.

Our Cohuna Rally Manager, Lyn, writes:

Cohuna Solos Rally: 1-8th November.
The theme for the rally will be


A local festival, The Big Cohuna, with displays, markets, and social events, will run concurrently with our rally. Cohuna has everything you might need: supermarket, bakery, takeaway, cafe, tavern, op-shops, hospitals vets and doctors.
The usual, free Welcome Dinner will be provided, and the Melbourne Cup will be run on 2nd November, which is during our rally, so we will host a two course lunch at the Bowls Club which is just a few minutes walk away. There'll be 'Fashions in the Field' for Ladies and Gents with prizes, sweeps, and all the usual fun and games of Cup Day. So dust off the fascinators Ladies, and Gents, you'd better shine your shoes. Entertainment will be provided after the Cup has been run— just $30 for the whole day including the lunch. We will try to have tickets available online, well before we get to Cohuna.
Further details in the next Newsletter.
Lyn R.
Rally Manager.

Northern Territory: March/April 2022 (Autumn)

Our Northern Territory event will be a bush camp rather than a rally
and it will be held at Gemtree Caravan Park, located 140km north-east
of Alice Springs on the sealed section of the Plenty Highway. 
Negotiations are underway regarding fees for a 5 night stay as part of
our big 2022 trek up the Centre and to the West.  There is a lot to do
and see at Gemtree, including fossicking for gemstones, a nature trail
and a history museum to name just a few.  Visit their website to find
out more   

Western Australia: August/September 2022 (Spring)
Our final, scheduled event is a roll-on from the NT rally and will take members to the wildflower area in the mid-west of WA. Margaret Cook has put her hand up to manage this rally and if the Wagin rally in WA some years ago is any measure, then this will be a cracker of an event once again. Margaret has three possible locations in mind and she will provide us with more information in the coming months.


We will soon be hearing more from the Adventure Team on how existing (and new tagalongs) can be used to help members navigate their way to these planned events, allowing you to enjoy well planned and interesting routes.
Go to the Tagalong Page

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