Apply here to Volunteer at our next rally:

PENOLA SA, 11th October– 18th October, 2024

Thank you for volunteering to assist with the operation of our next rally. We will attempt to place you in an area of your choice.
You will be advised whether you have been appointed as a volunteer, or placed on a stand-by list. If you have been accepted, closer to the rally you will be contacted with details of when you will be required on-site.

In each of the next three boxes, please list jobs you'd prefer.
(There's a list of available jobs below.)
Alternately, if you can present a seminar, teach Ti Chi, demonstrate (not sell) something, or train gold fish we'd love to hear from you.
You may express your interest on the 'Host a Rally Event' page.

In the interests of your Health & Safety it is important that you are aware of the requirements of the work you are volunteering for so that we can assign you to the most suitable area.
Please consider your personal ability and fitness, and if you are unsure, discuss it with the Volunteer Coordinator.
By completing this form you have indicated, and we will assume, that you have the ability to safely perform the jobs you have listed above.

  • Canteen / Kitchen
  • Arrival Gate
  • Catering
  • First Timers Team
  • Parking & Maintenance
  • Bus driver
  • Assist with Events
  • First Aid
  • Administration (Rally Office or other admin work)
  • Consumables in Wet Areas
  • Merchandise / Sales Desk
  • Other?  (please state)

For further information please contact:
Nancy Murooney, Volunteer Coordinator on 0427 190 447 or