'Bird' chapters were formed with lone travellers in mind, but under the constitution of the CMCA any member may join. They are similar to the Solos Network in nature, but they are locally based, whereas the Solos Network is nation-wide. The bird chapters (usually) have monthly gatherings, lunches, and morning teas, while the Solos Network has just two rallies per year and of course the Tagalongs.

They are all named after birds, because . . .

To be a Solo is to be as free as a bird.

Bird chapters in NEW SOUTH WALES:
Blue Wrens— Sydney and south.
President: John Blyth 0408 201 190 blymarkdesign@bigpond.com
Secretary: Shirley Reid 0413 821 333 bluewrens87@gmail.com

Eagles— Sydney, Newcastle, central coast.
President: Lorraine Ellis 0429 458 409 ellisfamily64@gmail.com
Secretary: Kay Burke  0408 647 467 kayburke@bigpond.com

Northern Rivers Robins- Coffs Harbour to Qld border.
President: Marion Martin 0416052953 marion46@gmail.com
Secretary: Mary Chapman 0439467744 marychapman009@gmail.com

SE Qld Kookaburra— South East Qld.
President: Carel de Boer 0412 783 389 carldb@optusnet.com.au
Secretary: Patricia Austin 0408 701 688 kookassecretary2019@gmail.com

Rainbow Lorikeets- Brisbane north.
President: Kevin Haynes 0409 398 881 kjhaynes15@gmail.com
Secretary: Sue Edwards 0407 173 406 nannysue16@gmail.com

Kingfishers— Bundaberg.
President: Lorraine Kirkwood 0412 673 549 lorraine.kirkwood@gmail.com
Secretary: Rosemary Robinson 0416 180 546 rosemaryhr@hotmail.com

Cassowarys- Far North Qld.
President: Gordon Simons 0418 87 673 gord240@gmail.com
Secretary: Fay Byrnes: 0419 778 122 fay.byrnes@gmail.com

Tassie Shearwaters- Tasmania.
Judith O’Doherty  0429 126 205 judeodoherty@gmail.com
Julie Lowe 0417 784 219 jules18j@bigpond.com tassieshearwaters1@gmail.com

Eastern Rosellas- Victoria.
President: Helen Sceney 0424 065 783 helensceney49@gmail.com
Secretary: David Kerrisk 0447 328 999 secrosella@gmail.com

Western Willie Wagtails- Perth north.
President :Marg. Jordan 0488521176 westernwilliewagtails@gmail.com
Secretary: Marg. Jordan 0488521176 westernwilliewagtails@gmail.com

Golden Whistlers- Perth south.
President: Glenyce Mills 0417182647 cmcagoldenwhistlers@gmail.com
Secretary: Dawn Skellet 0499954300