CMCA Solos Network

a support network
for solo travellers

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  • What is the Solos Network?

    Many members of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) travel alone. To cater for them, a Special Interest Group was formed to offer support. It is known as the Solos Network and might be compared to a club within a club. Most of our members are retirees, and the Network is responsibly run, dynamic, and financially sound. This is our website. The picture to the right was taken at Bollon, during a Tagalong. The theme on the night was Op Shop Glam— we don’t always dress like that.

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  • When was the Network formed?

    The Network was established in 1997, to foster a culture of sharing, encouragement, and support so that lone travellers might continue to enjoy their traveling lifestyle even though they may have suddenly found themselves facing life under radically different circumstances. There are about a thousand Solos across Australia.

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  • Who may join? What do you do?

    The Solos Network is a Special Interest Group (SIG), and CMCA members may be a member of a SIG as well as a chapter, so by joining the Solos Network, you do not need to leave your chapter friends behind— you just double the fun. We promote week-long rallies, outings, and country gatherings but there is no obligation to do anything or to go anywhere.

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  • If I join, then what?

    Upon joining the Solos Network, new members are invited to provide a little information about themselves and their interests for inclusion in our Contacts Register which is circulated privately to our members. In this way, a network of people in similar circumstances is established. Members are also sent a quarterly newsletter with news, details and pictures of our events— it creates wonderful images of our members exploring this wide, brown land.
    You've obviously found our website… our Facebook pages are at Solos Network.
    Click here to access membership application forms.

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